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  • Chinese Martial Arts Center provides traditional Chinese Wushu/Kung Fu training to people of all ages in order to improve health.


  • Our vision is to let more people know Chinese martial arts and practice it.

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Chinese Martial Arts Center  provides training in Wushu (Chinese for martial arts) for people in the Tallahassee, Florida area. We are now open for enrollment. The coach, Mr. Michael Zhang, is a certified senior Martial Arts coach with a Master's degree in Wushu from China. Chinese Martial Arts Center was founded in 2002. Over a hundred students have attended training classes since then. The age span of the students is from 5 to 80 years old and many of the them did not have any training when they began. 
There are many branches in Chinese Martial Arts. No matter what age you are, one of the branches is suitable for you to practice to improve your health and sense of well being. For example, the powerful Chang Quan is suitable for young people, the slow movement of Taiji Quan(Tai Chi Quan) will help to improve flexibility and internal strenth for older people.
Wushu can be practiced by people of any age. We design individual training course for you according to your physical condition and age. Come to practice with us and keep healthy!
Training provided (click the link to get more information):
Internal Forms: XingyiBa Gua ZhangTaiji Quan, Taiji Shan.
External Forms:  Chang Quan(Long Form), Hua Quan, Cha QuanShaolin Kung Fu, Nan Quan/South Style.
Weapons: Sword/Jian, Bruce Lee's two-section cudgel(Liangjie Gun), Dao.
Free Fighting: San Shou/Free Hand Fighting, Self Defense.

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